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by Gemma Bend

Did you know, according to Mind, 1 in 6 British workers suffer from anxiety, depression or stress each year, with 15% of UK workers displaying symptoms of long-term existing mental health conditions? 

Here at 3manfactory, we strive to make sure we’re as supportive as we can be to help everyone here look after their mental wellness, so in the run-up to World Mental Health Day 2022, we’ve been taking stock of our mental wellness packages and assessing what we can do to make working at 3manfactory even healthier for our minds. 🧠

As a workplace, we have a comprehensive package of mental health and wellness support available for all team members, including:

  • 🗣 Regular 1-2-1’s, where we discuss work life balance, how work is impacting our wellbeing and how we can work together to mitigate any stressors or worries 
  • 🧘 Free access to premium wellness app subscriptions, including Calm and Headspace, to encourage breathwork, meditation and stress management
  • 🧑‍⚕️ Free access to unlimited, private 1-2-1 and group talking therapies via BetterHelp, connecting our team to therapists around the world 
  • 💆🏻‍♀️ Massage and wellness days, where we invite third parties to our offices for massage, yoga and wellness sessions with the team 
  • ⏰ We offer flexible working packages including flexible start and end times, part and full time working hours available
  • 🏡 Hybrid, office based and remote working is all accommodated 

We also actively promote a healthy work/life balance, always. We do this by working sensible, flexible hours, with plenty of breaks for food, refreshments and fresh air. We don’t believe in working through lunch or having lunch at our desks and we actively encourage everyone to take proper lunch breaks, and we provide a kitchen area for storing and making food on site. 

When we sat down recently to ponder what more we could do to support our growing team, we knew we needed to assess our physical space first and foremost. We’re in a period of rapid growth and with more of our team choosing to work from the office now, we knew we needed to reconfigure and grow our physical footprint to give people proper space to work, collaborate and create comfortably, reducing stress and giving space to think in the process. So, we took on more office space and moved to a full hot-desking approach, giving us all the flexibility to work where we’re comfortable, with a choice of quiet, collaborative or more relaxed working areas. 

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We also realised we were due a wellness day, so we invited YOLO Wellbeing to see us last week. Cheryle from YOLO came to our HQ in Preston and provided 1-2-1 wellness sessions for our team on site, including head, neck and shoulder massages and a team session on good posture in the workplace. If you’re looking to bring wellness to your workplace, Cheryle and the YOLO team are a fabulous way to start! 

At 3manfactory, we believe that looking after your mental health is paramount to a happy life and we resepct our team and our workplace enough to make supporting each others mental wellness a priority, not just on Mental Health Day, but every day.