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3manfactory Awarded the HubSpot Gold Solutions Partner Program status

by Sarah Cassidy

We’re proud to announce we’ve been awarded the title of Gold Solutions Partner from the world’s leading marketing, sales and service automation software, HubSpot.

As an agency we have been using the platform since 2017, and officially joined the Solutions Partner Program in December 2019. Since then our relationship has developed, and in January 2021 we were awarded the Gold status.

Hubspot is a CRM, marketing, sales and support software solution designed for customer-centric agencies and businesses that want to learn, grow business and use the best technology to do this.

The Gold status has been achieved by working closely with our client base to bring enterprise-level clients on to the platform and where appropriate importing their legacy CRM, and working with them to grow and understand their databases. Our clients, like us, are ambitious and have plans for a deeper understanding and relationship with their customer base through surveys, research and insight, and they understand that being able to communicate with key customer groups is vital for business growth.

As an agency we try to find tools and systems that fit our approach, and having used HubSpot ourselves we’ve been able to see the benefits of how organisations can effectively manage and interlink their sales, marketing and customer experience strategies and plans through HubSpot’s solutions.

This status was achieved during a very unusual year, but one where communicating effectively and keeping customers central to the experience is vital. We are looking ahead and excited about the huge opportunity this partnership and award status will bring.

If you are interested in finding out more about Hubspot and how it could benefit you, visit: