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The Importance of Team Activities: National Baking Week

by Chloe Pang

This week is National Baking Week and it has inspired the team to take on some baking activities of our own - which is why we decided to host team bake off! Awareness weeks like this are a perfect opportunity for us to bring in a little fun into our office space and spend a bit of time together away from traditional work settings. As an agency, we believe it’s important to incorporate activities like this into our routine because they allow us to strengthen our bond as a team, which in turn enables us to add more value to the work we produce for clients.

Aside from getting to enjoy some tasty treats of course, National Baking Week is also a great way for us to strengthen our bonds with other team members friends and family too. Even though they’re not part of the agency in a professional capacity, it’s still important for us to make efforts to foster strong relationships with them simply because of the impact they have on the teams personal lives outside of work.

While individuals skills are important to develop, we believe that having a strong team at the heart of our agency is what truly separates us from others. Creating a strong team goes beyond finding the right person to fill a role or position, for us it’s about spending quality time together as a team, and making the effort to truly understand each other.

Keep scrolling to see some are some snaps of the teams baked goods!👇

image of cake

  • Starting off, we’ve got Tom’s lemon drizzle cake, which may or may not have been made by his wife, never the less it tasted amazing! 🍋
  • You can’t have a team bake off and not involve our office dog Peanut. Sarah made these lovely homemade dog biscuits for him to enjoy this morning, safe to say he was a VERY happy customer! 🐶
  • Then we have Nathaniel’s lovely shortbread biscuits, which he made with the assistance of his daughter. Who doesn’t love a Mickey Mouse shaped biscuit? ☺️
  • Gemma made some delicious chocolate brownies, even though she accidentally switched the dark and milk chocolates around, they still went down a treat! 🍫
  • Chloe decided she wanted to make something a bit different and use National Baking Day to to share a bit of her culture with the team. She made a steamed cake called ma lai go, which is traditionally served in dim sum restaurants and Chinese teahouses! 😋
  • And finally we’ve got James’ golden syrup flapjacks. Despite the fact that he didn’t really use measurements, they still turned out great (who needs measurements anyways?)! 🤣