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5 reasons we love to lunch and learn

by Gemma Bend

In the fast-paced world of  brand and marketing, everything is always changing. Keeping abreast of the latest trends, technologies, and strategies is paramount. One of the most effective approaches to fostering continuous learning and development within our team is the implementation of our monthly 'Lunch and Learn' sessions. These events are not just a way to enrich team knowledge; they also enhance team cohesion, they encourage knowledge sharing and they mean we always have the latest improvements and innovations front of mind, making them a fun and strategic string to our bow.

In true 3manfactory style, we've branded our lunch and learn sessions "The Canteen" and they're hosted monthly by "Head Chef" Nathaniel Cassidy (aka our MD), who is joined by 2-3 team members who present on industry insight and trends. And of course, there's always lunch. Previous topics have ranged from enhancements in AI to Canva hacks to advertising at the Superbowl and how mistakes can become marketing sensations (🤯Google "KFC at Christmas in Japan for inspo on this one!)

🧠 Encourages Knowledge Sharing

One of the core benefits of Lunch and Learn sessions is the promotion of knowledge sharing among our team. In a field as collaborative as brand and marketing, the exchange of ideas and experiences is crucial. These sessions allow team members, regardless of their role or seniority, to share insights and best practices. Whether it's a new social media strategy, a case study on a recent campaign, or a software tool that improves efficiency, each session can be a source of inspiration and innovation. 

🤝 Enhances Team Cohesion

Beyond the professional development aspects, Lunch and Learn sessions contribute significantly to team building. By bringing team members together in a relaxed, informal setting, these events help strengthen relationships within the agency. They provide a platform for employees to interact in a non-work-related context, facilitating better communication and understanding. This improved rapport can translate into more effective collaboration on projects and a more harmonious work environment.

💨 Keeps Pace with Industry Changes

The marketing landscape is ever-evolving, with new trends emerging at a rapid pace. Lunch and Learn sessions help us keep up with these changes by providing a regular schedule of educational content. This can include updates on digital marketing algorithms, new content creation tools, or evolving consumer behaviours. Staying ahead of these trends ensures that the agency remains competitive and can offer the most current strategies to its clients.

❤️ Boosts Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Providing ongoing learning and development opportunities can significantly impact employee satisfaction and retention. Lunch and Learn sessions demonstrate our commitment to our teams growth and professional development. This can lead to increased job satisfaction, lower turnover rates, and a more engaged workforce - it certainly has for us. 

⏰ Efficient Use of Time

Most of our week is spent operating in bustling environments with tight deadlines. Finding time for additional training and development can therefore be a significant challenge. Lunch and Learn sessions provide a solution by integrating learning into a time slot that minimises impact on client work and doesn't require any additional time in the office from our team. These sessions typically occur during extended lunch hours, and we eat whilst whilst we enjoy a presentation or engage in a discussion. 


For us, implementing The Canteen sessions is a strategic decision that offers numerous benefits. These sessions optimise time, reduce training costs, foster knowledge sharing, enhance team cohesion, keep the agency at the forefront of industry developments, and boost team morale. By making learning accessible and engaging, Lunch and Learn sessions not only enhance the capabilities of individual employees but also contribute to the overall success and competitiveness of the agency. Embracing this approach can transform lunch hours into powerful learning opportunities that propel both personal and organisational growth.