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3manfactory turn 10

by Nathaniel Cassidy

10 Years

Today 3manfactory turned 10.

A lot can happen in 10 years. At 3manfactory we’ve seen marriages, births, deaths, first cars, first houses, tears, laughter, moments of joy, moments of inspiration, moments of sheer brilliance. 

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I’ve read somewhere that 96% of businesses fail before reaching this milestone, which puts us in an elite space. It’s absolutely testament to the incredible team we have, and all those who have been part of the journey through the years. Clients and colleagues alike. 

We’ve plenty planned to celebrate and mark this moment through the next 12 months but some of the memories that stand out for me:

Lancashire Battle Cry with Freddie Flintoff for Marketing Lancashire. 

Marketing Lancashire: Freddie Flintoff Lancashire Battle Cry

Water boarding journalist Oscar Quine of the Independent as part of a PR campaign for Scare Kingdom. 

3manfactory PR team secure coverage for Scare Kingdom in The Independent

Successfully navigating the complexity of Covid with Moto and winning the Global Crisis Management Campaign award at the Global Marketing Awards for our efforts.  


By far my personal highlight and the thing I am most proud of is to have played my part in building one of the most talented, creative, resourceful, and bright marketing teams in the UK.

I know this seems overblown but if now isn’t the time to do that then when is? No need to take my word for it either, just talk to people who’ve worked with us. Consistently punching above our weight like the punks we are. 

I’ve often said that ‘you write your own legend’ and 10 years in I still love every moment writing them, with and for, 3manfactory.

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