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3manfactory Win Global Marketing Award

by Gemma Bend

We are delighted to announce that we have been formally recognised with the Global Crisis Management Award by the Global Marketing Awards 2020 for our work with the UK’s largest service station operator, Moto.

The prestigious award recognises the campaign’s approach to, and communication with motorway users, in particular HGV drivers during the Covid-19 lockdown in spring 2020.

The campaign focussed on efforts to ensure that HGV drivers, a critical part of the country’s infrastructure, understood the information, support and facilities available to them as they worked on the front line of the pandemic. When the rest of the UK closed its doors, Moto was able to provide free hot meals, showers and rest stops for those still having to use the motorway network.

Working in partnership, we helped the the service station operator to develop a three-phase crisis communications plan, deployed over a three month period from March to June. Initially instructional and designed to relay the facts around what was happening and how Moto were responding, the strategy was to be clear at a time when people would be panicked and key workers felt vulnerable. Phase 2 concentrated on HGV drivers and key workers who would still be accessing Moto’s facilities despite the lockdown; this needed to show empathy and encourage use. Finally, the gradual reopening of food brands and return of the public, while reassuring that safety was being taken seriously, along with managing expectations.

Ken McMeikan, Chief Executive Officer at Moto, said;

“As a critical part of the country’s transport infrastructure, we knew how important it was to support the nation’s HGV community. At the same time as managing the part or full closure of much-loved brands like Costa, Greggs, Burger King, and M&S, we were balancing this with our legal obligations to continue to offer fuel and bathroom facilities to motorway users.

As the leading voice for the industry, our aim was to find a way to effectively communicate these complex and layered messages, discourage non-essential travellers while supporting essential travellers, and in the case of HGV drivers specifically, to ensure that we gave them our ear, listened to their needs.

We never set out to win an award for this and it was always about more than a strapline or slogan, it is a testament to the dedication HGV drivers showed during the COVID-19 lockdown.”

Nathaniel Cassidy, Managing Director at 3manfactory, added;

“It would be fair to say that service station brands aren’t normally known for having highly engaged audiences, so this would have been a tough ask during ‘normal’ times. Messages needed to be clear, concise and stand out. The whole communication and engagement strategy needed to be able to adapt and evolve quickly as government guidance changed, and both teams demonstrated ingenuity, professionalism and the ability to handle complex messaging.”

The Global Marketing Awards are the ultimate acknowledgement of excellence for marketing organisations. The awards recognise and celebrate the world’s very best marketing agencies and most innovative campaigns across all marketing channels, regardless of where an entrant is located across the seven continents.

This year’s judging panel featured senior industry experts from organisations such as Microsoft, Twitter, Red Bull, IBM, HubSpot, and Legal and General. The Global Crisis Management category specifically recognises teams who have pulled out the stops to support a community who felt vulnerable and forgotten during the pandemic.

Award announced 15 October 2020