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#WorldEmojiDay 2019 – 10 things you probably won’t know about emojis!

by Gemma Bend

July 17th is #WorldEmojiDay – the day famously displayed by the standard Apple calendar emoji 📅. To celebrate, we’ve scoured the depths of the internet rounded up ten things you probably didn’t know about emojis!

1. The crying laughing face 😂 is the most commonly used emoji on Facebook AND Twitter!

Turns out we all love a good laugh. The most popular emoji across social is 😂😂😂. The modern-day LOL, a tenner says you aren’t actually crying with laughter when you send it.

2. There are 230 new emojis coming our way in 2019!

One of the reasons emojis are so ingrained in our culture is because they’re regularly updated. The next batch includes sign language, wheelchair users and yawning. You can see a full rundown of what’s to come, here.

3. There’s a huge spike in emoji use on New Years Eve, making it the most popular day to send an emoji online! 🥂🍾🎉🥳👯‍♀️

Whether you’re wishing your loved ones a happy new year, reflecting on the year gone by, or just making plans for how you’re seeing in the new year, chances are, if you’re a social media user you’ll post a message or an update on new years eve. No surprise then that it’s the most popular day of the year to send an emoji! 🙌

4. FIVE BILLION emojis are sent on Facebook messenger… every day!

Whether to brands, BFFs or bae, lots of us use messenger every single day. Most of us, it would seem, are including an emoji in our messages too. More emojis get used on Facebook messenger daily than there are people living in Manchester, Birmingham or Liverpool.

5. Only 7% of people use the peach emoji 🍑 as a fruit – most people use it to mean bum.

Whether you’re being a bit cheeky, talking about your gym routine or just being generally positive, you’re probably using the peach. Emojipedia analysed the use of the emoji on Twitter, and 33% of tweets mentioning 🍑 were referring to a bum, and only 7% were talking about fruit! See the other uses, here.

6. The most requested new emojis are happy tears or a salute.

With the crying laughter face being the most commonly used, it’s no surprise that the top request for new emojis is for a happy tears face – something that shows pride but with tears. A ‘so happy I could cry’ face (or the one I pull when Uber Eats arrives).

7. 75% of emojis used on Twitter are positive.

For all the bad press about trolling Twitter receives, turns out we’re generally in good spirits on there – 3/4 of the emojis sent are positive!

8. Pantene get lots of positive emojis!

A review of brands on social media by Brandwatch showed that haircare line Pantene are obviously doing something right – 93.1% of the emojis they receive are positive! 💇‍♀️💖 This is more than any other brand in the study. You can see how your favourite brands fared, here.

9. Hotels receive the most positive emojis – more than any other industry online! 🏨🏖☀️

The same Brandwatch survey showed that of all industries, hotels receive the most positive emoji use online. Not surprising really – from #hotdogsorlegs to #holidayspam, the age of social media has brought on the age of the humblebrag, with hotels often being tagged or mentioned. We’re not jealous at all of Mandy’s mimosas by the pool, promise….

10. Emoji use peaks in the evening

It’s not a surprise that emoji use rises in line with common screen times, with lunchtime and the evening (around 9pm to be precise) being the most common time to use an emoji online. Negative emoji use is at its peak now too – that could be because we’re all fuming with Danny not picking Yewande on Love Island, or because with more people online, there’s just bound to be more bad moods. 🤬

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