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Catapult Your Brand Into The Emoji Revolution! ❤️👌

At 3ManFactory, we ❤️ emojis. We’ve even labelled our offices with them…


And we’re not the only ones. Emoji has officially been crowned the fastest growing language in the UK following studies by Dr Vyv Evans of Bangor University😱. In fact, so many of us are using them so often that in it’s last major update (iOS10), Apple🍎 made it even easier to add emojis into our texts, tweets & posts by highlighting words and showing relevant emojis as we type.

Brands can’t miss out; 1/2 of all Instagram comments now contain an emoji and a quick look on will show you just how often we’re (collectively) using them on Twitter.

Here are our 5 top ways for using emojis to boost your next marketing campaign;

  • Show sentiment in a visual, creative way ❤️💔

When we tweet or update our statuses we can simply tell our audience what we’re up to or what we’re thinking in seconds – but why not tell them how you feel, too? Think you’ll use too many characters or it’ll take too long? Wrong.

“Croissants for breakfast”

“Croissants for breakfast😍😋”

“Croissants for breakfast 😷😞”

See the difference? With the just of just a couple of extra characters, the messages take on whole new meanings and become instantly more informative.

  • Increase the chances of your email being opened! 💌⬆️

According to stats, brands see on average, a 45% increase in unique email open rates when they pop an emoji into the subject line. It’s something we do regularly for clients here at 3ManFactory – and it really does work! Consider your own inbox – are you more likely to open the email that looks like all the others, or the one that catches your attention?

  • Target your ads 🏹📈

Twitter now allows brands to target ads using emojis – so, if you want to find all the coffee drinkers☕️, pizza lovers🍕 or football fans⚽️, get creative with your targeting. It’ll allow you to find users you may otherwise have missed because you’ll get your brand in front of people who aren’t as explicit.

For example, I might not tweet “I am going to watch football today”, but I might tweet “Off to Old Trafford today! ⚽️”. To save you targeting every mention of every UK football team or ground (you’d be there all day), just simply target ⚽️ and target your audience quickly.

  • Connect with Millenials 👌💁

If you want to hook up with a younger audience, you need to speak their language – and they speak in emojis. Don’t believe us?  The stats back us up; 75.9% of 25-29 year olds describe themselves as being ‘frequent users’ of emojis, and 72.2% of under 25’s say the same!

  • Quick to produce, slick looking video content 🎥✨ 

According to the most recent PRCA digital report, 62% of in-house respondents said the main area of digital spend went on video based content, whereas 55% said it went on paid social activity.

Video based ads perform well; they capture audiences in a way no other media form can. Add some emojis into the mix and done right, you could be on to a real winner. Using emojis to create visual content creates  easy to produce, but slick looking content that audiences automatically feel connected to.

For the last ‘World Emoji Day’ we re-created some of our favourite ads using only emojis. Recognise this one?

Need help with understanding emojis? Get in touch – we’d ❤️ to help!