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Right, let'sget started!

A good brief is the origin point for any piece of work and dictates how things progress.
There are a number of options when it comes to scoping work with a full service marketing agency:
Discovery call: if you have a project or campaign that you want to discuss or you have an objective in mind that you want to achieve, then book a discovery call.
Submit a brief: if you have a clear picture of what you need, you can use the form below to complete a detailed brief, including uploading any relevant files, and if you’ve developed a brief in a Word Doc, this can also be uploaded here.
If you're unsure where to begin, why not download our guide on effective briefing.
1. Discovery call

Let's start witha discussion

Book a 15, 30, or 45 minute meeting at a time that suits you so we can talk through what it is you're looking to achieve, what working together might look like, and test the chemistry. 

2. Submit a brief

Let's start witha blueprint

If you have a working brief or a strong sense of direction for your project, you can add details here and upload any relevant documents. We'll review everything you send through and arrange a call to discuss the project.

3. What happens next?

Getting the brief right is essential to give a project or campaign the best chance of success. It also helps to ensure roles and responsibilities are clear and sets the foundations for good working relationships. 

That means unless timescales are tight or there is a critical deadline looming our sales process follows these steps:

  • Establish chemistry and suitability - are we a good fit for each other and do we have the expertise you need.
  • Define and challenge the brief - what is it you're looking to achieve, what are the specifics around objectives, timeframes, budgets, constraints etcetera.
  • Present a solution - put forward the strategy, approach, deliverables, and investment levels required to deliver for you.
  • Agree a contract - finalise the details together and set a start date.

Typically this process takes between 2-4 weeks and happens over 2-3 meetings.