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How Community Management Can Transform Your Brand

by Gemma Bend

According to the Wall Street Journal, the pandemic has left us crankier than ever - and when it comes to purchasing goods and services, we’re channelling our frustrations on social media. 

Long gone are the days of “letters” of complaint: 2022 is tweets to brands, TikTok reviews, and Messenger chats with customer services. All of sudden, your social media team(s) are doing more than just “marketing” - and where the lines between marcomms and customer services start to blur, the Community Manager becomes the hero. 

What is a social media Community Manager?

A social media Community Manager is the person or people responsible for cultivating your community on social media to generate chatter (people talking to/about you on social media), positive brand sentiment (that such chatter paints your brand in a good light) and create brand advocacy (whereby people would recommend you). 

They are a social media manager with a lot of strings to their bow, and their expertise is less around the mechanisms of the social media tools themselves, and more in the realm of marketing strategy. They are the human side of social media: the voice behind the brand delivering customer services, marketing messages and brand building. 

Why do you need a social media Community Manager? 

In short, it gives you full control of your brand on social media, from a cohesive source that is clued into the marketing, sales and operations. 

It’s about aligning the brand voice and sentiment across the board: when piecing together marketing communications we typically consider the audience at the head of putting anything together, and this involves an aspect of creating a tone of voice: who are we talking to, where are we talking to them and how are we saying it?

It doesn’t make sense then, that when we’re dealing with customer services, this tone of voice goes out of the window. 

So what’s in it for me?

A good community management process will:

  • Increase brand awareness across social media 
  • Increase positive brand sentiment 
  • Create brand advocacy
  • Lower your cost of acquisition vs. customer lifetime value 

Speak to us about upskilling your team and creating community managers out of marketeers, or let our expert team take the helm and do it for you.