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Right brain thinking and left-handed creativity

by Sarah Cassidy

Yesterday left-handers look to celebrate the uniqueness of being left-handed, with studies still suggesting this is still only 10% of the world’s population. Creativity, imagination and intuition has often been linked to left-handedness due predominantly to them using the right-hand side of the brain. With 50% of the team at 3manfactory being left-handed, this certainly piqued our interest and created some lively debate. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of being a lefty. 

Stronger intuition

As a team we are committed to constant learning, which allows us to think on our feet and apply creative thinking to any roadblocks or creative challenges our clients may have. Our natural flair for absorbing and recalling information makes us an extremely efficient team, one that has been recognised with two awards for efficiency in the past. 

Greater imagination

Forming new ideas and creative campaigns is one of the most exhilarating aspects of working at 3manfactory, and something we do daily. Our imagination and creative thinking allows us to continue to produce high-level, award-winning creative campaigns. And our creative imagination is still flowing even while we’ve been working remotely for the majority of 2020. 

Appreciation and awareness of music and arts

Our ability to appreciate and incorporate all aspects of the creative landscape allows us to create multi-faceted campaigns for our clients. Our ability to understand the creative landscape allows us to act as both creative ‘do-ers’ as well as strategic advisors to our clients. 

Whilst scientists have yet to come up with a definitive reason why some people are left-hand dominant in a world filled with right-handers. Some have suggested there is a genetic component, while others believe it is related to how we develop when inside the womb. 

Other studies and insights of being left-handed include:

  • Improved Memory – a study by the University of Toledo indicated the left-handers were better at remembering events. Their theory for this was down to the stronger connections between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It turns out that having to adapt to a right-hand biased environment forces left-handers to create more connections between the two hemispheres.
  • Intelligence – while it is reported that left-handers are more likely to have increased educational needs, they are also overrepresented on the other end of the scale too. Albert Einstein, Mozart, Leonardo Da Vinci, Barack Obama, Aristotle, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are all left-handers. 
  • Competitive advantageleft-handers have the edge in competitive sports such as boxing, tennis, ping pong cricket and fencing. Left-handers are overrepresented in these sports, with 25% of the world’s top tennis players favouring their left hand.  Any sport where you are directly facing an opponent gives lefties the edge over an opponent who is trained to compete against other right-handers.

For the majority of left-handers, everyday lives can be affected by having to live in a world designed for right-handed people and the constant battle with scissors, tin openers, smudged handwriting and confusing people with our use of the mouse. 

Having a balance of personalities and creativity in our team is certainly a benefit, so for us there’s certainly a lot to celebrate about being left-handed. Whether you are dealing with a left-handed or right-handed member of the team, you can still expect a high level of creativity, imagination and intuition, oh and perhaps a little bit of smudged handwriting!