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Service Care Solutions Choose 3manfactory For Brand Identity Development Project

by Nathaniel Cassidy

Service Care Solutions has chosen 3manfactory to undertake a strategic branding project to develop a brand identity that is aligned with the organisational and operational excellence the Preston based recruiters provide, following a successful pitching process at the end of 2018.

The project, which kicks off in March 2019, will seek to develop brand identity through a series of workshops, interviews and marketplace analysis, to ultimately redefine the structure of the brands that sit within the main Service Care Solutions offering.

Currently, the Winkley Square based firm offer specialist recruitment services in legal, construction, social work, social housing, criminal justice, healthcare, mental health, business support and IT.

Speaking of the win, Strategic Director Nathaniel Cassidy, said:

We’re really looking forward to getting under the skin of Service Care Solutions to help redefine their brand. Often, a brand project like this isn’t about starting from scratch and redesigning everything. It’s more nuanced. It is about aligning the excellence that an established organisation has in its operations and people with its outward identity. We can’t wait to get started!

Nathaniel Cassidy, Strategic Director of 3manfactory

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