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Do you have serious growth ambitions? Are you responsible for the direction of sales, marketing, or operations? Partner with an agency that knows how to deliver.


Do you have serious growth ambitions? Perhaps around revenue, profitability, market share, or team expansion? Or is a seismic shift is happening in your sector, and you’re looking for a trusted partner to help you navigate change and thrive?

If you’re a founder, business owner, C-Suite executive, company director, or responsible for marketing or sales in socially responsible organisations, then we’re here for you.

As a full service marketing agency, we can help you with:

  • Brand development and rebrands
  • Brand asset creation: digital, websites, film, environmental
  • Brand and marketing strategies
  • Brand activation and brand marketing campaigns
  • Demand marketing campaigns
  • Community development and management
  • Sales enablement
  • Customer experience improvement
  • CRM implementation and migrations
  • Marketing, sales, and service process development

We know when to deploy big, bold ideas and the power of collective nudges. An understanding of behavioural science and compelling narratives informs our storytelling and design. Limitless ambition and unfiltered honesty make us a partner of high integrity.

This approach is Brand Engineering and it's tested, scalable, and will get you results.


Our team are driven by a singular ambitious mission. We believe strong brands have the power to change the world.

Nathaniel Cassidy, 3manfactory - Managing Director
The kinds of ambitious clients we work with

We put brands through their p.a.c.e.s.

There are five core areas through which we help organisations build strong brands. Purpose. Awareness. Conversion. Evangelists. Systemise.

When you know who you are, when you know your purpose it allows you to, galvanise your workforce around a shared mission, resonate with your potential customers, and strengthen connections with your existing customers.

Without awareness, something dangerous happens, nothing. The right messages, in the right mediums, across the right channels, produces the right results.

You know that you provide excellent service, you know your products are superb, so you're duty-bound to help people buy them. Conversion means making it easier for people to benefit from your offer.

Good customer experience means attention to the details, having empathy, and thinking beyond direct experience. It is where your customers can become your evangelists.

Identifying improvements in your processes, tools, hardware, and team dynamics increases efficiency, improves data, and ultimately delivers improved profitability. Helping you systemise for success. 

Purpose, awareness, conversion, evangelists & systemise
HubSpot Solution Partners

HubSpot Solution Partners

trusted to deploy HubSpot's class-leading CRM suite.

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for exceptional agency, client and campaign management practices.


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top rated agency for brand, marketing, video and web.

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ClickUp Verified

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Miro Consultants

certified for collaboration, training, and workshop skills.

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SEMrush Certified

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