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1. Situation, Solution, and Outcome

Third Sector Social Support To Drive Engagement

Social media management to enhance engagement and visibility across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for a local charity that needed increased awareness of their fundraising activities in the run-up to Christmas.

Galloway’s is a charitable organisation that supports local people affected by sight loss in the Lancashire and Sefton area.

With the festive season often being a busier time of year for their charity, their internal marketing team needed support with social media content creation and scheduling for an 8-week period leading up to Christmas. We stepped in to help with strategy, scheduling, content creation and audience engagement.


We began by auditing their exciting digital presence to deepen our understanding of their brand voice and personality to ensure that the content we produced would resonate with their respective audiences and lead to an immediate impact.

With project timelines and broad goals agreed upon at the head of the campaign, we pulled together a multi-network social media schedule, with a core focus on increasing advanced bookings for their Christmas grotto, filling some charity race slots for 2023 and raising their brand awareness to people in the local area, particularly across Facebook. In addition to scheduling content, we monitored these accounts closely, responding to incoming comments to maximise engagement levels for the duration of support.

During our schedules, we built in space for ad hoc messaging the team at Galloway’s would need to communicate in the run-up to Christmas, and we continually monitored the accounts analytics and activities to tweak content and post times that best suited the audience activity.


For the duration of this support, we saw exponential growth across all three social accounts. Sustained levels of increased posting through this 8-week period put Galloway’s in front of more people at a core time, resulting in:

  • Brand awareness rose by 61.2% on Facebook
  • Engagement rose by 4800% on Twitter

As well as seeing impressive analytics growth, we also helped them free up the time of some of their key marketing personnel, meaning they could be all hands on deck with their festive fundraising, take part in brand growth work and prepare for a recruitment drive in 2023.

2. Creative
Image shows Galloway's logo
Image shows a Galloway's poster of a man with the Galloway's logo at the top
Image shows a Galloway's poster featuring a man and young boy
Image shows a Galloway's poster of a young woman

We are agents of change. We make things different through branding, strategy, process and communication.

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