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1. Situation, Solution, and Outcome

Exhibition Management for a Brazilian Bank

Helping an overseas bank create an impactful exhibition space to promote their online services to a European market.

Headquartered in Brazil, Zro Bank is a digital banking specialist that wanted to exhibit their services at Ice London, a leading global event where businesses in the gaming and financial industry come together to showcase their innovative solutions and insights to more than 40,000 attendees.

We were brought in to liaise with exhibition teams and suppliers on their behalf to oversee the build-out of an exhibition space before their arrival into the UK. Knowing this exhibition was their first major event abroad, careful planning was imperative to ensure a successful event.


We separated the project into three stages: briefing, build-out and handover.

Briefing: The first step involved consulting with the senior team at Zro Bank to develop an appropriate brief and detailed specifications for the shell. Once these were clearly defined, we liaise with suppliers and exhibition teams to relay the specifications and confirm the work, all while remaining in close contact with the team at Zro Bank to provide real time updates throughout.

Build-out: We attended the exhibition prior to launch to confirm the build-out was running smoothly and ensure it was adhering to the agreed specifications. Our presence also meant that we were on hand to oversee any last minute changes and rectify any issues.

The handover: Upon their arrival in the UK, we met with the senior team in person to go over shell status and assist them with merchandising set-up.


A combination of our meticulous approach to planning and prior events management experience meant that we were able to negotiate with suppliers and other teams with ease, compensating for time zone differences and physical distance. We delivered resources in a timely manner and produced a visually appealing and functional space that accurately conveyed Zro Bank’s brand identity to new customers.

2. Creative
Image shows an exhibition space being set up
Enterance of the ExCeL London
Screen shot of a media post of the exhibition space
Image shows the Zro Bank's exhibition space at the Ice London exhibition

We are agents of change. We make things different through branding, strategy, process and communication.

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