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1. Situation, Solution, and Impact

Creating a renewable energychallenger brand

A new player in the renewables industry, backed by industry experts, needed a brand to launch its intelligent high-voltage network solutions.

A startup, but backed by industry experts, Ventus Energy needed a brand that was slick and trusted, whilst also being fresh and new - just like them. They needed a logo that would make waves in the industry, with a set of brand guidelines in place to help them retain guardianship of their brand as they grow.


When it came to creating the logo, we leant into them and what they do. The three overlapping circles create a wind turbine and the colour palate is a mix of cyan, blue and green hues, representing nature, renewables, waves and wind.

We extended their graphical elements to include further turbines and waves and developed a strong, contrasting secondary colour palate again drawing on nature and the earth for inspiration.

Knowing that the brand would be interpreted by other designers, printers and journalists going forward, we considered the brand personality and set frameworks for people to work from, considering how the brand is introduced, how they might communicate, and how Ventus Energy appear on social media.

We tied all of this together into a brand guidelines document that was detailed yet easy to follow and contained all the assets, information and even rationale to give the Ventus Energy brand a springboard for success.


The brand is still burgeoning and growing, but the feedback so far has been exceptional. Ventus Energy are rapidly growing, and their brand has helped them open the door for new projects and, crucially, attract the very best industry talent.

Watch this space to see where it takes them next.

2. Creative
Image shows the brand kit for Ventus Energy
Ventus Energy business cards
Image shows a field with wind turbines
Image shows a lady wearing safety equipment

We are agents of change. We make things different through branding, strategy, process and communication.

Black and white image of an individual working on a MacBook
3. Social proof

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