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1. Situation, Solution, and Impact

A Rebrand Fit forEuropean Expansion

Innova Solutions are a bonding, adhesives and photoluminescent manufacturer and distributor who needed a rebrand ahead of moving into Europe.

Innova Solutions came to us with a successful, growing business, almost a decade old. They were proving hugely successful in the UK market supplying bonding tapes and adhesives to the signage industry - but with their sites set on Europe, they knew the brand that had brought them this far needed replenishing.


As with all our rebrand projects, we followed our trusted three-step process: explore, imagine, realise.

Explore: We got under the skin of Innova Solutions, getting to know their products, their team and their ethos. From here, we overhauled their look.

Imagine: First up, the logo. We redesigned their typographic logo, using colour to bring in a 'tick' element, playing into Innova's strength of solving problems where others couldn't (their expert team offers technical advice ahead of purchasing anything). We opted for green; in colour psychology, it's associated with growth, renewal and optimism, and for Innova, it reflected their physical surroundings (they're based in the stunning Lancashire countryside). It also reflects their eco-friendly approach to what they do, to their products and to the way they work.

We then looked at their strapline, and coined something new and fresh that played on both what they do, and how they do it: bonding people, fixing problems.

Realise: We tied all of this together with bold, clear fonts and strong, striking photography, developing a brand pack that would set them up in good stead for future marketing and sales pushes in Europe and beyond.


The rebrand proved a huge success - not just internally (where the team loved it), but it's helped with the European expansion too. Innova Solutions has gone on to break into new markets on the continent, and then in America, taking the brand global.

Not only that, but their continued successes have allowed them to diversify their product ranges and grow the business - they've increased the physical space they own, increased the product lines they sell and increased their turnover.

Whatsmore, the rebrand has stood the test of time. 2022 marks Innova Solutions' 20th anniversary, and the rebrand, despite being almost a decade into its tenure, is standing strong.

2. Creative
Innova Solutions website on a laptop device
Poster of Mark Felix wearing a Innova Solutions t shirt
Collage of images featuring Mark Felix
Exterior short of the Innova Solutions business premises

We are agents of change. We make things different through branding, strategy, process and communication.

Black and white image of an individual working on a MacBook
3. Social proof

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