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How to Avoid Domain Charges has just launched a premium service containing additional features. A particularly one desirable feature is the ability to use a custom URL so that people can view your profile without using the default URL (For example you could use instead of  This is  especially useful for users wanting a more professional and personalised finish. The premium service is $4 per month.

A possible work-around for this is, instead of paying $4 per month, to purchase your domain outright and connect it to your profile. Of course, this would mean that you wouldn’t get the other additional features which come with the premium subscription (such as Google Analytics and priority support).

Steps to Avoid the Charges

  1. Find a domain registrar of your choice (Our preference is
  2. Purchase the domain of your choice & allow it to process
  3. Once ready you need to set up a forwarder.  Within 123-reg, this is known as ‘web forwarding.’ Point this to the URL of your profile
  4. Tuck the $4 you’ve saved each month away and buy something nice!

It really is that simple – now each time someone enters your domain name they’ll be taken to your profile.