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Planet 3ManFactory

Are you missing your weekly David Attenborough fix? Fear not, we present Planet 3ManFactory! We’ve been inspired so much by Planet Earth II that we decided to draw on the comparisons between the animals filmed in the hit TV show and marketers.

Although Planet Earth takes 5 years to create, we created and edited these short videos in a couple of days. They employed a similar range of video techniques in order to capture the beauty of Preston docks, transforming a gloomy winter morning at the office with the help of David Attenborough.

We’re always looking for ways to showcase what we do at 3ManFactory, whilst staying in touch with pop culture. The country has been gripped by the return of Planet Earth. We’ve tipped our hats to them with this homage and showed a small insight into how we approach some of our work.

Planet 3ManFactory was an opportunity to give a behind the scenes view of some of the things we do daily. Alongside some of the services that the videos themselves focused on, we also got to display our videography, one of our core services. Over the years we’ve created a variety of video campaigns for clients such as TradefitRed Rose Awards, Innova Solutions! Online video is becoming a key part of all marketing activity, research has shown that enjoyment of video ads increases purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%. It shows no sign of slowing, with video set to account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019.

Planet 3ManFactory: Diaries

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Planet Earth is the diaries section at the end of each episode. We duly obliged and created our own, this gave us a chance to discuss in detail the more serious aspects of the video.

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