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Marketing works best when the minute details and the bigger picture are considered cohesively. Our retainer packages do just that.

Perfect if you have one clear objective or are looking for content support.
  • Content marketing
  • Digital ad campaigns
  • Social media
Get big
For brands looking to make impact across both marketing and sales.
  • Brand development
  • Marketing and sales alignment
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Sales enablement
  • Automation
Get bigger
Ideal for highly ambitious organisations with clear growth objectives and a desire to impact marketing, sales, and service.
  • Brand development
  • Repositioning campaigns
  • Social media
  • Lead generation
  • Conversion improvements
  • Brand sentiment
Get biggest

What level of investment is needed to position your brand for growth?

Ultimately the level of investment required is going to come down to two factors; what is the outcome you need, and what kind of support do you need to deliver it. Are you looking for a partner to strategise and deliver outcomes end to end, someone to provide creative solutions to a strategy you’ve already developed, or simply to deliver assets.

We use a points-based system for allocating work over hourly or daily rates. This means you are paying for results and tangible deliverables, not for effort or time. We call them Impact Points.

Impact Points can be allocated against any of the work we do from the strategic such as discussions around brand purpose, to the hands-on design and delivery of marketing assets such as case studies or exhibition materials, or guidance and training for your team.

This allows us to focus on delivering high quality work rather than concerns over time; if something takes longer than expected, you won’t incur additional charges. This system streamlines planning, execution, and reporting. It also means it is simple for us to be flexible over your needs, allocating points against activities that support your priorities at that moment.

We have a full menu of activities and their corresponding points values that we share with all clients and it is a swift process to give a points cost for any bespoke activities

All retainers include FAQs
1. Pricing
  • How much does one Impact Point cost?
    Impact Points values are worked out using a bespoke matrix based on a number of factors that will impact the value of the work, but prices start from 1 Impact Point = £60 ex VAT.
  • How does my business benefit from value-based pricing?
    Value-based pricing aligns our goals with yours - you no longer need to be concerned with costs sneaking up at the end of each project, or your retainer hours disappearing through meetings or contact time, and we can focus on the end results and goals, not timesheets and stopwatches. Ultimately, it’s made our work even better, which means your business will sell even more.
  • What are your hourly/daily rates?
    We don’t operate any time-based pricing at 3manfactory, so we don’t have an hourly or daily rate. All our pricing is value-based, and currently, Impact Points start at 1IPs = £60 ex VAT.
  • Are there any costs outside of your fees?
    Other than our fees, the only other line items on your bills will be for any third party services we need to complete your work. These include things such as plugin licenses, printing costs and advertising spend. These costs will always be discussed or agreed with you before appearing on your bill. There are also options available whereby advertising fees for your business are billed directly to your accounts team to avoid you incurring unnecessary VAT charges.
2. Points
  • How many points will my business be allocated each per month/period?
    This depends on the size of your retainer or project budget. At the head of every campaign or onboarding process, we’ll work with you to take a holistic look at your brand, sales and marketing set-ups to determine what it is you need. From here, we will work out how many points it’ll take to get you there. We do this free of charge, and you can kick-start the process by booking a discovery call with us.
  • If we don’t use all our points in the month, do we lose them?
    No; the nature of intelligent marketing and brand engineering means it isn’t the same month on month, so we’re flexible with how points are distributed. If a project needs to be top-loaded in order to secure success, or there are quieter months based on your sales funnel, that’s fine - we plan and accommodate for those eventualities at the head of a project by getting under the skin of your business and becoming an extension of your team.
  • How do I know how many points I have left on my project/retainer?
    All projects/retainers have balance sheets which are updated in line with our project management systems. Points are deducted as soon as they are allocated to work, so you always know exactly what you have to work with, and where all your points are going/have gone.
  • If my work requires amendments/revisions, do I lose more Impact Points?
    No; we don’t cap amendments or revisions. We’re confident that the work we produce meets the briefs we’re given, but of course there are occasions where minor changes may need to be made before something is signed off. The only instance in which a project would incur more Impact Points being dedicated to it, would be if the brief changed mid-project. In this instance, we’d discuss this with you before amending a project/retainers Impact Point allocation.
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