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Wrkspace Brand system development
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The Challenge

As Wrkspace grew their commercial property portfolio, they needed to fine tune and manage their own brand, whilst also bringing the 5 sub-brands on board for the buildings they had acquired. Retaining the unique identity of each building’s brand, cultivate it to inspire and build it’s communities (ultimately filling the buildings), was key, all whilst making sure everything fits under the Wrkspace umbrella.

The Solution

To underpin the brand realisation process, we needed to get under the skin of Wrkspace: what makes a Wrkspace building different to the rest, how do the team work, and what is the brands true ethos? This underpinned the brand strategy that started with Wrkspace and trickled down through the subbrands. With strategy in place, we focussed on the brand visuals; without delivering a complete rebrand, we were able to uniform the brand identities of all the brands with some subtle redrawing. Once the visual identities were nailed down, we put foundations in place for using them ongoing through a stringent set of brand guidelines that allowed flexibility, but kept guardianship over the perception of the brand. To tie everything together and provide consistency, we then employed and managed some ongoing marketing automations – keeping the communications on brand and the team efficient.

The Impact

With their new house of brands, Wrkspace can now easily add to their portfolio; new brands coming on board is seamless and stress-free. Their buildings filled fast, with their flagship site reaching capacity for long term office lets. The strength of the brand was noticed externally, too, with 3 award nominations within months of the brand realisation going live.

3manfactory-Brand-Alignment-and-Realisation-Wrkspace-Portfolio-1200-x-700-2 3manfactory-Brand-Alignment-and-Realisation-Wrkspace-Portfolio-1200-x-700-1
3manfactory-Brand-Alignment-and-Realisation-Wrkspace-Portfolio-900-x-600-1 3manfactory-Brand-Alignment-and-Realisation-Wrkspace-Portfolio-900-x-600-2