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1. Situation, Solution, and Outcome

Bringing a New Business to a Niche Audience

CraftCover, insurance brokers for crafters, needed to get their new brand in front of a very niche audience.

CraftCover, an insurance broker specifically for professional crafters, needed to get its policies in front of a niche audience. They needed a brand that looked as at home at a craft fair as it does on the top of an insurance policy document.

In a space where they needed to demand attention amongst a crowded, growing marketplace overflowing with creativity, a strong brand was essential.


Our brand development process follows three phases; explore, imagine, and realise.

Explore: we looked at the marketplace and assess what was already out there and researched the audience to understand who we were talking to. We spent time getting under the skin of the product offerings and the potential audiences.

Imagine: We focussed on splitting their brand in half; creative, fun and bright, but in equal parts serious, professional and esteemed. To do this, we split the CraftCover words in half, keeping the "Craft" bright, bold and colourful and the "Cover" more subtle, with a muted palate and simple font.

Realise: Now it was about making sure the brand worked. Testing and tweaking it on flyers, banners and on craft stalls, whilst also making sure it wasn't out of place atop a legal document or important policy contact.


The brand stood the test of time: 7+ years on, and the brand is still going strong, with crafty clients across the UK now insured with CraftCover.

Despite changing industry trends, it still appears fresh, and is continuing to appear at craft fairs and events, across the web and on social media, and, crucially, it still takes pride of place on all the official documentation the business needs to supply. And whats more, the feedback is still fantastic!

2. Creative
Image shows a CraftCover flyer
CraftCover business cards
CraftCover website shown on a laptop
Image of a woman arranging flowers

We are agents of change. We make things different through branding, strategy, process and communication.

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3. Social proof

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