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New Facebook Metrics: Discover More About Those Who Click… and Those Who Don’t

With 2.8 billion active social media users worldwide, it’s clear to see why businesses are vying to promote themselves on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, as part of their digital marketing strategy.

But one thing that anyone in marketing will know, is that great campaigns are supported by even greater insights. With so many people using social media to interact with businesses, marketing teams need a deeper understanding of their online audience and their actions.

With this in mind, Facebook has recently introduced three new reporting metrics to make tracking, monitoring and assessing the success of your marketing strategy, even easier.

It is hoped that these additional, analytical measures will give page administrators a more complete understanding of how people discover and learn about their business, as well as how users interact with them.

As you can see, Facebook’s sidebar is like a selection box, bursting with useful metrics just waiting to be sampled. But what’s more, you’ve now got a few new treats to sink your teeth into.

A screenshot of Facebook's metrics and analytics sidebar


Followers are your loyal companions that eagerly await the arrival of your next social media update. They have inherently been the primary metric that many organisations like to keep a close eye on.

However, rather than only looking at the total number of follows your business has, Facebook offers more data to give you a clearer picture..

For example, you can:

  • Learn about the demographics of your followers
  • Track the number of follows a page gains or loses over time
  • Gain insights into where follows happen
  • Receive a breakdown of organic and paid followers.



Previews are a wonderful thing. They allow you to dip your toe in the water, without fully committing to diving in.

Have you ever wondered how many people have come across your page’s information without actually clicking onto the page itself? Thankfully, Facebook is now allowing you to see the number of people who see your page’s information whilst only hovering over your page’s name on the desktop.



Personal recommendations are arguably one of the main driving forces behind a consumer’s decision to buy-in to goods or services. It’s more than likely that at some point in your life, a friend would have shared an experience of a local restaurant, and you would have been persuaded to either: a) grab your phone and immediately book a table, or b) steer-clear of it at all costs. Sound familiar?

Facebook have recognised the importance of trusted recommendation, which, is huge for businesses. People are already using the recommendation tool that has been introduced this year.

A screenshot of the new recommendation feature that Facebook has introduced to its metrics and analytics.

But businesses are now also able to see where these conversations happen. Facebook has enabled page owners to see the number of times their business has been included in someone’s recommendation from friends and family. Effectively, this means businesses can actively monitor their reputation.

Updates like this from Facebook make measurement more meaningful. If these updates have made marketing that little bit more manageable for you, you’ll be pleased to hear that Facebook are reportedly releasing more metrics on a monthly basis.

But for now, if you need advice about social media analytics or guidance on which metrics matter to your business, contact a member of our team today!