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Up Your Instagram & Snapchat Game (Tips & Tricks)


So, you’ve started using Snapchat and Instagram as a marketing tool. But now you’re looking to take your social media game to the next level. We’ve got a list of secrets that will help your brand stand out online.

Instagram 📸

1. Add photos to your story

Took a really good photo earlier but forgot to add it to your story? Fear not, click the ‘+’ button in the top left corner and swipe down. It’ll reveal the photos you’ve taken in the last 24 hours! This is great for editing photos and making sure your brand is looking on point. 📷

BONUS: Want to take advantage of Snapchat filters but share them with more people? Save your photo from Snapchat and follow the process above. It’s a little extra effort, but it’ll really make your images jump out when people are scrolling through stories (and we know how much you love that dog filter).

2. Bring your video to life with music

Open your music app and start playing music from the Music app, then head back into the Instagram app and record your video. The music will be playing in the background. This can really help users focus on your story as they flick through a number of silent stories and then your catchy tune grabs their attention! 🎵

3. Zoom in during videos

Want to add focus to something in your video? Or just create something a little more artsy? While filming your video story (keeping hold of the picture button), pinch your fingers on the screen to zoom in and out. 📹

4. Use a canvas to get standout

Need to get the message across clearly to your customers? Take a picture of a white background or a black background and write your message over it. This is great for flash sales, one-off promotions or exclusive Instagram deals. Go one step further and use a unique code to monitor the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing.

5. Access the full colour spectrum

Want to change the colour of your writing? Slide the colours to the left to reveal 18 more colours. Still can’t find your brand colour? Click on any colour and keep hold of it to reveal a full colour chart 🌈

6. See who saw your story

If you’re wanting to know if the right people are looking at your story, click into your own story and click on the eye symbol at the bottom. This will display every user thats viewed your story, from there you can click on users names in order to view their profile and if it matches up with your target market.

7. Share your story as an Instagram post

Super proud of your most recent Instagram story? Now you can publish it permanently onto your feed. Click into your story and click on the bottom right corner, this will give you the option to ‘Share as Post’.

Snapchat 👻

1. Secret colours

Your brand colour not available? Fear not; simply click on the colour chart and drag your finger from the top right corner to each of the other corners of the screen. You’ll discover all of the secret colours. 🌈

2. Create your own filter!

Hosting a special event? Or maybe you know your audience are going to be somewhere at a specific time (think festivals, sports events etc). You can create your very own Geofilter and it’s fairly straightforward; head to Snapchat, grab a template, amend it and upload it.

3. Volume buttons

You can use your volume buttons to take a picture or record a video instead of using the onscreen button, this handy tip can really help you focus on achieving the best possible picture.

4. Multiple filters

Want to use multiple filters? Maybe combine your own Geofilter with one of Snapchat’s? Swipe to your chosen filter then hold down the screen with one finger and swipe left or right to overlay multiple filters.

5. Add nearby users

You’ve created your own filter for your event, all of your audience are there and using the filter. But how do you connect with them? In the app, you’ll find the option to ‘Add Friends.’ Within that, there’s the option to ‘Add Nearby’ users. It’s worth noting that other users need to be on this screen too, so incorporate it into your event’s printed materials.

Another way of adding nearby users is to have your Snapcode available for other users to scan when using the app. Head to Snapchat, download your snapcode and start using it in your promotional materials! There’s a really handy guide from The Next Web that contains lots more information.

If you’re looking for more information on Instragram and Snapchat, specifically their story features, check out this great infographic by the guys at One Productions over on Social Media Today.

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