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WooCommerce Online & Offline

WooCommerce is a brilliant WordPress plugin for bringing eCommerce functionality to the CMS, with over 25% of eCommerce sites using the power of WooCommerce, the plugin doesn’t look as though it’ll be slowing down any time soon.

WooCommerce has primarily been geared around online sales only, with the bridge between POS (point of sale) and the online side being two separate channels. WooCommerce has made moves to rectify this and the first solution has rolled off the production line, utilising the Stripe payment gateway. The new WooCommerce extension sees online and offline sales being handled via a single solution, which provides a whole host of solutions and really sees the plugin taking a step to the next level.


Benefits include;

Payment tracking
You won’t require an offline payment merchant and separate online payment merchant –  it will be one unified solution. This will make it much easier to check daily and live sales and see how your store is performing.  You can also view daily sales sheets without the need for pen and paper; the data is integrated into the WordPress dashboard meaning you can readily check out the current day, or reflect on historical data with just a few clicks.

Accurate inventory
Whether you make a sale online or offline, the global stock inventory will be updated. This removes the onerous task of manually having to update your online store after making an offline sale. Transforming this into an automatic process provides a much-needed time saving feature.

The biggest downside at the moment is that the solution is exclusive to the Stripe payment gateway, which of course isn’t going to suit everybody. We’re looking forward to when the same integration for additional merchants is available – that would truly make it a game changer!