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7 Reasons Brand Managers Should Consider Snapchat

Snapchat – the popular social network that lets you send messages, photos and videos that all self-destruct. Everything on the platform has a maximum shelf life of 24hours, it’s completely mobile and free to use. From filters to emojis, snaps to stories, it’s all a lot of fun – but if you’re a brand manager, you should be taking the platform a lot more seriously than dog filters and face swaps! Here’s why;

1.Snapchat has 100million daily active users

Snapchat plays into everything social media is perfect for; throwaway content that can convey personality, be accessed and responded to quickly, and allows users to control exactly what insight we get into their life. Combine this with the fact that Snapchat is brilliant at encouraging users to come back to the platform, (think new filters, geo-targeting and fresh content), and it’s no wonder that it’s used daily by so many people.

But, what does this mean for you? In short, it means you have a huge audience of people who regularly log on and interact – so, if you start putting your channel out there, and keep your content fresh, the chances are, your audience will see you. Then they’ll see you again. Then they’ll see you again. Then they’ll see you again… You get the picture. 📷

2. Snapchat has more video views per day than Facebook 

Every single day, there are around 10billion daily video views on Snapchat, 2 billion more than Facebook’s estimated 8billion. Add into this the fact that around 4000 snaps are shared per second and you’ve got yourself some pretty interesting figures. Every time a user clicks a snap with a video in, this is counted as view regardless of whether or not they actually absorb the content, but this won’t skew the figures any more than Facebook auto-playing their content! Either way, Snapchat is the place to be if you’ve got any form of visual content to share with your audience.

3. Snapchat accounts for 75% of all messaging data traffic in the UK

According to research carried out by Vodafone, Snapchat accounts for around 3/4 of all messaging data in the UK – this means that other popular messaging means, including Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and WhatsApp, ALL make up the other 25%. There are two main reasons for this; primarily, Snapchat is insanely popular with mobile data users, and secondly, the platform is designed to send data-heavy media, so pictures and videos, whereas the other services are primarily used for plain text.

Data messaging in the UK


4. Snapchat users like shopping online 

If you sell online, you need to be on Snapchat. It’s estimated that at any one time, around 76% of Snaphat users will have made an online purchase within the last month. They’re a group of people who like to be able to do everything from their smartphone, from interacting with brands to purchasing from them. So, don’t just take our word for it – the stats speak for themselves!

5. Shapchat’s core user group is 13-24yr olds

Do you want to talk to millenials, teens, students or young adults? Then Snapchat is the place to be. To get in front of your audience, you need to go them, and Snapchat can offer you an easy, cheap, way of doing so.

6. Snapchat allows you to extend the reach of the marketing & events you’re already doing

Already got a launch event, photo-shoot, awards ceremony or marketing campaign in the pipeline? Whatever it is, by documenting on Snapchat you can extend it’s reach and level of engagement exponentially. Cosmopolitan repurpose their content for a channel on Snapchats Discover segment and it’s viewed by 3million people every single day. iHeartRadio used Snapchat to show off their 2 day festival and generated in excess of 340million impressions. All of this in even more impressive when you consider that everything dies after 24hrs on Snapchat so their respective audiences were accessing the content almost instantly.

7. Only 1% of advertisers are currently on Snapchat

Snapchat is still fairly new, especially when it comes to using it to advertise from. Because of this, it’s a lot easier to stand out from the crowd because the marketplace isn’t as convoluted. Add to this the geo-targeting options Snapchat offers, and you’re laughing. It’s so easy to choose exactly where you want your ad/filter to hit, that it almost becomes stupid not to consider Snapchat when you’re planning your next event/campaign.

Snapchat with geofilter for Preston applied

Preston docks with a Snapchat geo filter overlay

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