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Self Hosted WordPress Sites Get Jetpack 2.0

Topping 3million downloads Jetpack really is a globally recognised plugin by the majority of users. The main purpose of the plugin has always been to bring some of the tools and functions available with blogs hosted at to self hosted WordPress websites or in the words of Automattic themselves.

Back in the day, there were great features available to users that were not available on self-hosted WordPress installs. Jetpack is a plugin that connects to and enables awesome features, powered by our cloud infrastructure.

 Some of the new features

  • Publicize – Now you can automatically ping out your published article to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn & Yahoo.
  • Post by email – That’s right you’ll get an email address allowing you to set the subject as the title and your message as a posts content.
  • Infinite scroll -Rather than using pagination, infinite scroll will display the next set of posts when the bottom of a page is approached.
  • Photon – Brings image acceleration to your site by placing images on the cloud.