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Essential WordPress Plugins: User Switching

Official WordPress Plugin download – User Switching is an amazingly simple idea for a plugin which is why it works so well, I shall explain what it does however the title for this one really does some it up perfectly.

The plugin essentially allows you to select a user from within the WordPress dashboard and login in as them with the click of a button, you’ll experience WordPress from their point of view based on the user level set, along with any additional permission changes you may of integrated into your template.

It’s a secure plugin, which only gives users set to the administrator level access to this functionality. The ability to switch between users works in a similar way to how Gmail, once you’ve switched to an account simply hover over the top right icon and switch back the original account you logged in with.

For me when customising a fairly large site, which works with multiple user levels and different permissions for additional post types this really was a time saver, no need to jot down or create temporary passwords, just in and out with the click of a button.