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Web Manipulate the power of the web and yield success through clevel digital strategy and considered design.

Research shows that it takes the human brain an average of just 2 tenths of a second to form a first impression of a brand once they’ve landed on a website. It takes around 2 seconds for the brain to tune in and concentrate on this, making the window to impress miniscule, and the power of your website astronomical. Brand is in our veins – it flows through everything we do at 3manfactory, it’s our lifeblood. That gives our websites a distinct advantage; they are a combination of customer research, user experience design and impeccable development techniques, all underpinned by strong brand activation principles. 

Our websites are cleverly designed in WordPress to serve multiple purposes; they’re your brands home on the web, they’re the coming together of brand communications and crucially, they’re an invaluable asset to your sales team. They serve your customers and your staff, streamlining your sales process on both sides. User journey mapping for us isn’t just looking at how your primary audience can get the most out of your site, it’s how your staff can, too. There’s no presumption either that if we build a site, crowds will come – we bring them here, through clever SEO and a keen focus on information architecture (IA) and well-written copy.


Showing deep consideration to branding and user personas makes our websites powerful – it means we take time to truly understand what your audience needs from the site to make them convert and we factor it in. From chatbots for customer service, to intelligent design to guide user focus, no stone is left unturned. Your website should be reducing the workflow of your sales team, making conversions a positive experience for your customers and providing you with a slick digital home for your brand. What is your website doing for you?