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Sales When sales inform your marketing, marketing can work more for sales. Be efficient, be clever, be unified.

3manfactory was founded through the collaboration of different disciplines and our belief that impact is stronger when things are unified has contributed through into our mantra that activity to support marketing and sales should always be unified. Context is everything and nothing that we do exists in isolation; that is both at the heart of how we work and how we approach sales. Through clear strategy, considered design, remarkable web projects and sales focussed marketing solutions, we are able to perfectly balance logic and creativity to a devastating effect.


To be successful in sales, we believe, is to connect with people on an emotional level, whilst also appealing to the rational mind; it is to incite both feeling and action. To do this, we take a through-the-line approach, focussing on unified sales and marketing activities that are wide-reaching – focussing on the target audience whilst remaining inclusive of those on the peripheral. For us, it’s about looking at how we can generate better leads, streamline sales processes and amplify marketing messages all with the goal of ultimately filling your sales funnel. How unified are your marketing and sales efforts?