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Marketing Create behavioural change through big bold ideas and subtle nudge marketing.

There is a deep rooted philosophy at 3manfactory that marketing can change the world. Of course the scale of ‘the world’ is contextual it depends on what is important to you, sometimes it’s a nation of people, sometimes it’s a niche demographic, accountants in Manchester who enjoy post new wave punk.

We believe marketing should be omnipresent. It should take your brand and bleed it through every crevice of your business, be considered during every communication and inform every element of your sales process. To us, context is everything; we understand nothing exists in isolation, making the marketing strategies we create a culmination of big bold ideas and subtle nudge marketing. By applying psychological theories and biases to our work, we are able to apply established marketing principles and make them work for the human brain, resulting in real behaviour change.

Visualising the bigger picture and putting the pieces in place to make it happen is all driven by working towards strong KPIs and agreed goals, and is underpinned by a strong brand strategy. The communications we create are done so with key audience personas at the heart, with industry insight applied and are evolved using real customer data and analytics. Through regular evaluation, we diversify our campaigns to elaborate on successes and offer deeper understanding of the audiences we work with which ultimately  generates greater results.


At 3manfactory, we subscribe to a unified philosophy that activity to support marketing and sales should always be joined up. This means that the marketing activities we carry out, from singular social posts right through to overarching strategies, are created with the sales process in mind. Vice versa, at every point, the sales process informs the marketing calls to action and sales funnels, meaning the two are harmonious in their success. Is your marketing doing enough to support your sales team and bring in more money?