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As HubSpot Certified Partners, it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about marketing automation. It’s our belief that marketing and sales efforts don’t have to be onerous. If there’s a piece of your sales or marketing activity that can be automated, let’s free up your staff and make it work in the background, leaving your sales team to focus on getting those warm leads across the line. It’s not about robots replacing humans, or relying on computers and machines to satisfy every aspect of your marketing strategy, it’s about working smarter. 

Marketing automation is ideal for impressing customers during the sales process, for nudge marketing by sending relevant content to tempt your audience and for making the buying experiences and onboarding processes easier and more enjoyable. It’s also perfect for reengaging with cold leads and re-opening communications when things have gone flat. As an upselling tool, marketing automation is brilliant; it’s an easy way of getting more out of your current customer database without your sales team having to act. Level up your lead generation by booking a discovery call.