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Design Use design to tell stories, solve problems and generate sales, all whilst communicating your brand and influencing your audience.

Effective design plays a dynamic role in communicating your brand in a way that creates change. For creative design to solve problems or meet the needs of your audience, it must be visually impactful, incite emotion and resonate with the rational mind. Although design can be subjective, it must never be personal and always be logical. Our approach to design is simple; create behaviour change by working towards clear goals and honouring brand and style guidelines. At 3manfactory, we truly believe that when we place restrictions like these against design, it is then that we spark brilliance. 

Through big, bold ideas, we create ambitious change. Our design work is centred around controlling the flow of information – what do we need people to read, see, do? Placing focal points in design means we set boundaries and create emphasis – we respect the information and the white space concurrently. Considered choices over imagery, fonts and colours are vital, and are all underpinned by psychology. How do these colours, fonts and images make people feel?


Clever design pushes the possible and transforms customer interactions with your brand. Whether subtly or more obviously, digitally or in print, it gives you control over the perceptions your desired audience has over your brand. What does your current design style say about your brand?