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Brand Identity matters. It defines us. Successful brands know who they are and communicate it in everything they do.

Relationships aren’t formed with logos, names or colour palettes. It’s not the image of an apple that makes us trust iPhones or the purple wrapper that compels us to reach for the Dairy Milk. Just like it’s no coincidence that customers regularly return to the same products, even if there are alternatives on the market that would serve them better. It’s branding, done well; it’s how we feel as customers colliding with our rational, decision making brains, resulting in a purchase. It’s Brand Engineering. 

Our approach to brand is simple; we believe that impact is stronger when things are unified. When the whole and the sum of parts is looked at in tandem. It’s why brand creation and rebranding is a process to us. It’s about getting under the skin of a business and analysing over whether their story is being accurately told through its brand, and getting under the skin of their target audience to analyse over whether or not their wants and needs are being satisfied. Then it’s actioning the analysis; consulting, creating, training, refining customer journeys, ripping up the rulebooks, streamlining everything and reimagining brands.


Branding extends further than creating a logo or settling on a font. Life evolves, and so should a brand. At 3manfactory, we specialise in working with brands that want to align their story with their bottom line; businesses that are doing brilliant things, but whose brand isn’t serving them as it deserves. Whether creating new brands or invigorating the existing, we look at every brand touchpoint, both internally and externally to the business. How does your brand serve you?