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HubSpot Solutions Gold Partner
Here at 3manfactory we believe that successful brand and marketing strategies are rooted in galvanising workforces around a collective vision. Essentially, everything you do should be done with the goal of creating customers who will add positive energy and accelerate your company’s growth, with your brand and marketplace at the heart. HubSpot is an essential part of our work as it enables us to clearly define our clients’ vision. It is a powerful inbound CRM platform that allows businesses to effectively manage all marketing, sales and communications activities in one convenient place for delivery and operational teams to execute. As a Gold Solutions Partner, we can work with you to implement the sales benefits.
We are one of the 400 members of the Public Relationship and Communications Association (PRCA) as a result of the high quality of work we deliver to our clients. The PRCA is the world’s largest professional PR body which exists to create a more professional, ethical and prosperous sector. It has become a valuable asset to our agency as it gives us access to a vast network of industry-related research, information and training. Meaning our clients can be assured that the work we deliver is not only backed by research but is of industry standard. In November 2020, Nathaniel Cassidy (our Chief Strategist and Managing Director) was awarded the title of Fellowship by the PRCA for his outstanding contributions to the business communications and PR industry.
As part of a role within the PRCA, all members of the association are encouraged to hold Communications of Management Standard (CMS), the hallmark of PR and marketing excellence. We use the CMS as a benchmarking tool within our agency as this allows us to analyse the quality of our work and compare it to industry standards. As an agency, we are scored on competencies such as; leadership and communication, business planning and improvement, client satisfaction and campaign management. The CMS gives our clients peace of mind knowing that they’re working alongside an agency that is committed to delivering excellence.
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Agorapulse is a social media management software that helps businesses to manage all of their social media profiles, by organising all of the necessary tools required to run a social media account onto one dashboard. We use Agorapulse to consolidate messages from different social media channels, publish and schedule new content as well as listening for brand mentions and other relevant terms for proactive social media engagement. Agorapulse’s built-in reporting tool enables us to utilise real data when creating strategies for social media campaigns, and clients can be assured that real data is guiding their social media strategies.