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A Day in The Life of a Marketing Assistant

Thinking about starting a career in Marketing, or simply interested in what a day in the role of a Marketing Assistant is like? Our Marketing Assistant, Becky, gives us a run through of a standard day in the office is like for her at 3ManFactory! 🏢

8:00 – 9:00 ☕️

At 3ManFactory we’re free to start work at any point between 8:00 and 9:00. I usually arrive between 8:00 and 8:30, grab a brew, check through my emails and have a quick check of the news and social media trends to see what’s going on and if there’s anything we can get our clients involved with.

9:00 📝

We kick started today with a team planning session to come up with new marketing campaigns and ideas for one of our clients, and to look over analytics to identify areas for improvement and ultimately increase their social media following across various networks.

We always begin our planning sessions with a game to get our creative juices flowing. Today’s game of choice involved coming up with an advert for fast food. Each person starts with a piece of paper and writes a sentence or two then passes it to the next person, and so forth until each person has contributed to each advert. As you can imagine, once we’re in the swing of things, our imaginations tend to run a bit wild and what was once an innocent advert becomes a father selling his child for a BOGOF Chicken Royale Burger King meal deal at a location just north of Coventry.

10:00 💻

Back to my desk to crack on with some of my day to day tasks. These can vary depending on what we’ve got on with each client at that moment in time, but today’s involved:

  • Posting to client social media accounts – daily Instagram posts, Twitter announcements etc.
  • Content creation – the focus of today’s content creation was writing competition posts for social media
  • Writing web copy
  • Keeping an eye on client social media accounts to make sure all scheduled posts are going out as planned

11:00 📞

I’m currently in the midst of a Business Studies degree at UCLan. I began working for 3ManFactory last June as part of the 12-month industrial placement option of my course. I had a call scheduled in with my placement tutor, Victoria, at 11:00 to discuss the assignments I’m currently completing as part of my year in industry and for a catch up on how everything’s going.

12:00 🍴💘

DINNER! Usually, I’ll bring food with me or wander over to Morrisons and grab something. If it’s someone’s birthday or we’re celebrating something, we’ll order in or head over to Chiquito’s or the pub for a team lunch.

12:30 💻

Back to my desk to check my emails, action anything that needs doing and continue with my everyday tasks.

14:00 📊

As a Marketing Assistant, I’m constantly learning new things. Today I sat down with our MD, Nathaniel, who ran me through creating client monthly activity reports.

15:00 – 17:00📄

Following our meeting, I headed back to my desk to begin putting a report together for a client.

17:00 🏠

I end the day by having a final check of my emails, filling out my timesheets and heading off home.

As a Marketing Assistant at a Marketing Agency, no two days are the same. Some days are primarily office based whilst others involve heading out to work with clients on events. To find out more about what we get up to, follow us on Twitter and Instagram… @3ManFactory!