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A Day In The Life of a Senior Account Manager

As a Senior Account Manager at a busy integrated marketing agency, I often wear a lot of hats. As well as overseeing the client campaigns and projects I’m responsible for, I also look at all the projects we work on, to make sure we’re driving them forward in the correct way. I still have a hand in the outgoing client work, and am responsible for four members of our team, too. My days are often busy and no two are ever the same – which I love. However, having a varied job means I’m forever answering the question… “so, what is it you actually do?“. What better way to explain than to show you a day in my working life, albeit a long one!

I like to arrive at the office early, so I have chance to settle in before the mayhem of working in the 3ManFactory offices commences! I start my day at the Nespresso machine – from here, I log into my emails and action those, before checking the news and our press monitoring systems to see if any of our clients have been picked up in the press (or if there are any news stories we can piggyback). I also have a quick check over the client social media accounts and check the calendar for any additional meetings or calls  that I may not have arranged myself.

Today, I’ve got a morning meeting with a client in Blackburn, so I jump in the car with James & Nathaniel and we chat with them for a couple of hours about pushing their PR forward, as well as updating their online presence.


Once back in the office I pick up a couple of messages and catch up with the team. I get through some project admin, making sure our project management system is up to date, then I have a quick client call to update them on a new social media strategy we’ve been implementing.

I also do a 1-2-1 with one of my team; this is a time for us to discuss their work, praise successes and tackle issues. I generally check-in like this weekly with each member of my team, just to make sure everyone’s happy and that their work is on track.

After lunch, Nathaniel and I make a dash for Manchester Airport – we’re flying down to Newquay because we’ve got an early start with a client in Cornwall. Whilst at the airport, I’m in touch with the office and working from the departure lounge. I use this time to get some client work done, and finalise a campaign report before boarding.


Once we land, it’s time to prepare for tomorrow. We’ve got a kick off meeting with an important new client that we’ve just landed, following a lengthy but successful tendering process. There’s loads to chat through to make sure we don’t miss anything ,so this takes up the rest of my day. I end the day as I do every other; checking our press monitoring systems for tomorrow’s news, firing off my final emails of the day and filling out my timesheets!

As mentioned, no two of my days are the same, and whilst they don’t all involve a flight, they do tend to involve a lot of travel. Being a national agency means we have clients based here, there and everywhere, so being able to work remotely is paramount to me. Whether I’m at my desk in Preston, with a client in Liverpool or at a multi-agency meeting in London, I need to be able to do my job adequately when on the move. We’re always on the lookout for efficient ways to work, so I’d love to know how you manage work on the road!

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