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Facebook Knows Who You’ve Been Spying On

We frequently run online reputation management sessions for schools and universities, during which we look at the impact of the digital footprint we create. In recognising where we appear online, we can begin to manipulate, promote or hide that content accordingly.

As search ventures into knowledge-sourcing and personalisation, it’s not just the content we create that matters: it’s what we search for and click too.

We know that Facebook recently announced Graph Search (where you can look for used based on a variety of metrics including location, gender, Likes and relationship status), but did you know you’ve been able to access the people you’ve searched for on Facebook from the day you signed up for a while now? Before the panic sets in, be aware that only you can see this activity.

How Do I Find My Facebook Search History

  1. Go to your Facebook Timeline
  2. Beneath your Facebook Cover image, you’ll see Activity log. Click this
  3. On the left-hand menu, you’ll see a list of the Activity log sections.  Halfway down, you’ll see Photos, Likes, Comments and More. Click More to expand the menu
  4. Right at the bottom of the list, there it is: Search

 How Do I Delete My Facebook Search Activity?

  1. To the right of the Search title, you will see Clear Searches. This will delete your entire search history.
  2. Alternatively, you can remove individual Facebook search entries. To do this, click next to the search entry
  3. Click Remove…

We are running a series of articles on locking down your social media profiles, including a comprehensive overview of Facebook lock down: Activity log is just a snippet! Stay tuned to the 3ManFactory blog to learn more about managing your social network profiles.